Christian Book Review Programs

15+ Christian Book Review Programs

Crossway Blog Review Program

The Crossway Blog Review program is open to readers who have been blogging consistently for six months and have at least 50 followers or subscribers. They request reviews to be posted to your blog and another consumer website and allow readers to review up to two books per month.

Moody Publishers Blogger Review Program

The Moody Publishers Blogger Review Program offers paperback books to bloggers in exchange for publishing reviews on their blog and another consumer website. They request that reviews are posted within 60 days of receiving the book.

Revell Reads Blog Tour Program

The Revell Reads Blog Tour Program offers both fiction and nonfiction books to bloggers in exchange for reviews written on both their blogs and another retail site (or Goodreads). Only readers living in the US and Canada have access to physical review copies, all others will receive digital books via NetGalley. They do require reviews to include over 75 words of unique content.

Baker Book Bloggers

The Baker Book Bloggers program is open to bloggers who enjoy Christian non-fiction. You can sign up to get notifications about new releases. They request you post reviews (with 75 original words or more) within 30-60 days of receiving the book on you blog and a retail site or Goodreads.

Baker Books Bloggers

BookLook Bloggers

The BookLook Blogger program offers books to bloggers in exchange for reviews on their blog and a consumer website. Reviews must contain over 200 words of original content. As soon as your review is posted, you can request another book.

BookLook also has a Gold program that offers exclusive books, and the ability to request two books at a time. In order to qualify for this program, you must be able to prove you have a minimum of 300 followers or subscribers and post on your blog at least once a week.

Radiant Lit

The Radiant Lit Review Program sends out their review guidelines by request. If you’re interested, you can contact them to learn more.

Readers Favorite

Readers Favorite has over 2,000 books available for review. Once you request a book for review, you have three weeks to review it. However, if you decide you don’t want to finish reviewing it at any time, you can simply remove it from your reading list and select another. That said, they only offer digital books to reviewers.

Once you have written your review, you submit it on the Readers Favorite website and they will post it to Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and share it on social media. The author will be able to post it in their Amazon editorial review section if they so desire. You can share it on your blog, Goodreads, and anywhere else.

Readers Favorite also pays their reviewers. Not much, but a small amount for each review and every month they giveaway $100 to one of their reviewers (the more reviews you write the more chances you have of winning).

Bethany House Book Reviewers

The Bethany House book reviewer program limits the number of reviewers they allow in their program. However, they don’t just open it to bloggers. They welcome any reader who has a platform. As long as there is an opening, that is. They have both Christian fiction and nonfiction books available for review each month.

B&H / Lifeway Bloggers

The B&H / Lifeway Blogger program offers free books to bloggers with a minimum of 25 posts on their blog. They have a private Facebook group where they help their bloggers with platform building and offer support. They only ship physical books to the continental US. International reviewers can request digital review copies.

The B&H / Lifeway Blogger program requires reviewers to post reviews on their blog as well as on a consumer site.

My Reader Rewards Club

My Reader Rewards Club is the review program for Tyndale and NavPress. You earn points by writing reviews, taking surveys, signing up for newsletters and devotionals, referring friends, shopping their online stores, etc. and with your points, you can get free books, Bibles, special offers, and more. Not your traditional review program, but it’s something.


BookCrash is a website that offers free copies of books to Christian bloggers in exchange for a 200+ word review on their blog and an online store or review site. Once your review is up, you can request another book whenever you’re ready.

Christian Book Review Programs


NetGalley isn’t so much a review program as a service. You’ll actually notice that many of the other review programs use NetGalley for their review copies. However, you can request review copies of books on NetGalley without being part of any review program. And if you are part of a review program that uses NetGalley, you will need an account to request your review copy, so either way, it’s an account you don’t want to pass up.

Brazos Press Bloggers Program

The BrazosPress Blogger program offers theologically grounded books to bloggers for review. Reviews are required to be 200+ words of original content and be posted on the reviewer’s blog as well as at least one retail site within 60 days of receiving the book. Physical copies of the books are limited to the US and Canada, but digital copies are available through NetGalley for other readers.

BrazosPress Bloggers

Hendrickson Review Program

The Hendrickson Review Program is for bloggers who like to read Christian academic books. This program is ideal for pastors, students, and scholars, or any blogger who is interested in Biblical studies, Bible reference, Bibles, or biblical languages.

The Hendrickson Review Program requires reviews to be 400 words or more and for reviews to be posted on your blog, Amazon, and within 60 days of receiving the book. Your review should also include at least one photo.

Body and Soul Publishing

Body and Soul Publishing has a review program for Christian readers. They do not require you to have a blog, but ask you to post reviews online for new releases. They send out the timeline for each book as they are available.

FlyBy Promotions Network

The FlyBy Promotions Blogger Network offers faith and family based products for review. These are not always books, but many books are included. They send out emails whenever a new product is available for review, and they are given to reviewers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Many reviews also include a giveaway for your blog followers. They do ask that you post your review on your blog, share it on social media (with the hashtags they provide), and on an online retail site or Goodreads when applicable.

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