Cover vs Cover: The Road to the Cross

It’s time for another cover vs cover!

Can you find the difference between these two book covers? Once you find it, just comment with “Found It” – don’t spoil it for anyone else.

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More About The Road to the Cross

This book of poems follows the author’s life in Christ, with all the questions, worries, trials, and triumphs. Susan questions God, waits to hear His answer, then shares both in her search for wisdom.

These poems follow her growth in Christ, with the first one, Twenty-five Years, giving her testimony of all the years she was blinded by lust for the things of this world. One day, her eyes and ears were opened to the truth and love she found in God’s Word and in Him. Read about how she found safety and peace in the Lord, even while believing she had found success in the world.

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Meet the Author

Susan Mouw (nee Harris, 1953-present) was raised the middle child in a military family. Born at the Army hospital in Fort Benning, GA, she has lived all over the US and in Baumholder, Germany. Her career spanned 20 years in application development, mostly within the financial community and included a short stint in the US Army as an electronic signals intelligence analyst.

Now retired, Susan lives with her husband on their mini-farm in mid-state South Carolina, with their dogs, a cat, and too many to count chickens. She has raised and shown dogs, horses, and chickens and has enjoyed many hours of friendly competition and camaraderie with her friends.

You can find all of her books available on Amazon here.

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